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珊瑚海 - 周杰伦/Lara

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The end of Flowerpod due to a scumbag
Its been a long year for me
My Birthday Wishes
My first flowers...
i remember the time
The macdonald outside LIDO is selling milkshake


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The end of Flowerpod due to a scumbag
January 02, 2006
Geline stated in spree thread (feedback forum) that there's one podder with 80% warning with 3 clone accounts. DJ immediately concluded it has to be MiniVV and banned her, without allowing her to explain herself. Alot of podders were very unhappy with his decision. Geline came in and clarified that she was wasn't referring to minivv. Podders asked DJ to apologize to minivv for wrongly banning her. Under pressure, he lifted her ban, but he said he wanted to ban geline instead for lying. He said there's only one person in fp with more than 80% warning and that's minivv, so if geline isn't referring to minivv, then she must be lying! He gave geline 1 hour to appear in fp and clarify who she was referring to. If geline doesn't clarify within that hour, he will ban her instead. Geline didn't appear. Podders argued that geline could have logged off and is sleeping already. DJ earlier stated that he has the means to find out who holds clone accounts, so podders were asking him to use his own means to find out, no need ask geline.

In the meanwhile, someone started another thread questioning the podder card and the amt of fund that has been collected, and if it is enough to sustain fp. DJ said the response rate was very bad, and if that's the case, he wants to make fp into a paid subscription site in June. Questions about accountability of funds came out, someone reminded that if there's no transparency, fp is being run like NKF, one-man show. One mod kintra came out to admit she doesn't know any details about the funds collected, only DJ knows everything that's going on. One podder ask him if he would like to step down as a volunteer since he was complaining that he has to spend alot of "voluntary" effort in fp. He said he has no intention to, especially after making his wife and family understand why he has to spend so much time and effort in fp. Another podder pointed out that if every member is made to buy the podder card, the amount collected would be $150,000, an amount not many can even earn in 5 years. DJ pointed out that he can make that amt in 1 year. That his cybercafe alone is making $10,000 per mth, excluding retail and servicing computers. Then the podder pointed out that since he earns that much, $500 per mth for server charges should not put a dent in his pocket. DJ said, why should he pay since fp is not his brainchild! blah blah...geline is banned Next day, fp taken offline, both threads deleted, spree thread evidence deleted.

This is a warning to all podders to the scenes behind the running of Flowerpod. Many of us, including moderators, have since boycotted FP and have started a new forum called Les Dames at

This forum will be managed by former sensible and responsible moderators of FP.

will update more....

Its been a long year for me
December 27, 2005
Year 2005...

Its been a very very long year for me...

Its like a roller coaster ride, finally its stopping.

I would love to wait for year 2006, because its gonna be the year I prove myself.

Oh man, how come i sound so serious... haha, its so not like me.

Anyway i was very touch when i got christmas presents from Mint and Lynn

And I am so ashamed of myself when i didnt get them anything.....

so i shall prepare them something surprise.....

My own dear plat card got me a (freaking expensive) Country Road shirt and a pair of nice leather shoes
I wanted to get her the nano, but i fumed up when i tok abt the stupid nano which i had already paid a month ago, and till now there is still no news.

I will tell the whole story in my next post.

SO in the end i got her something very small and expensive too, some lipsome moisture from cosme de corte

Hey I missed mahjong...

if you are reading this, call me k, when u need a fourth leg....


My Birthday Wishes
November 30, 2005
Here is the original Numa Numa Dance Song. The song is entitled 'Dragostea Din Tea' by the Romanian pop band 'O-Zone.' Lip sync and dance by 'Gary Brolsma.'

And here is our country's shame.

Dragostea Din Tei simply means Love From The Lime Tree in Romanian.

Verse 1

Verse 2
Salut, sunt eu, un haiduc,
Si te rog, iubirea mea, primeste fericirea.
Alo, alo, sunt eu Picasso,
Ti-am dat beep, si sunt voinic,
Dar sa stii nu-ti cer nimic

Verse 3 x 2
sa pleci dar nu ma, nu ma iei,
Nu ma, nu ma iei, nu ma, nu ma, nu ma iei.
Chipul tau si dragostea din tei,
Mi-amintesc de ochii tai.

Verse 4
sun, sa-ti spun, ce simt acum,
Alo, iubirea mea, sunt eu, fericirea.
Alo, alo, sunt iarasi eu, Picasso,
Ti-am dat beep, si sunt voinic,
Dar sa stii nu-ti cer nimic.


so much for the numa numa dance

Yeah My birthday is coming on 10/01/1979

Anyone want to give me cash, please deposit into my DBS acct 0044022278

But here is the thing I may want

1. external 2.5 80GB Hardisk
2. Nokia N90 or K750I or the D600C or w900I would be nice (2nd hand also can)
3. One good pair of funky and stylo sneakers
4. One nice pair of jeans
5. Clinque Happy for guy perfume
6. One nice leather shoes

New Creative Zen Vision:M 30 GB video player!

My first flowers...
November 26, 2005
Image hosted by

Image hosted by


its the 1st time i send flowers to her office......

no no, its not the 1st time i gave her flowers, but its the 1st time she receivedin the office.


and its not the flowers i bought in the Bedok Market near the interchange....
i tot the flowers there wrapped very nice.....
so i guess some florists wrapped even better.....


but this bouquet very nice...

maybe i should do this often......

November 17, 2005
i was disappointed, so i was....over many things.

Nevertheless, I would brace myself.


November 15, 2005

i am depressed for exactly 15 days liao

i think i am sick, dunno like that can get MC for depression or not....

this is wat i had google search

Symptoms of Depression
  1. You feel miserable and sad.-----True for 15 days
  2. You feel exhausted a lot of the time with no energy .----False, still got enery to type blog leh
  3. You feel as if even the smallest tasks are sometimes impossible.---False, still can go and pee in the toilet
  4. You seldom enjoy the things that you used to enjoy-you may be off sex or food or may 'comfort eat' to excess.----True, now i dun enjoy anything i do...maybe except for mahjong
  5. You feel very anxious sometimes. ----False, in fact i feel stony
  6. You don't want to see people or are scared to be left alone. Social activity may feel hard or impossible.-----False, i rather go office then be alone.
  7. You find it difficult to think clearly.---True--- i totally cant think
  8. You feel like a failure and/or feel guilty a lot of the time.---True, i didnt seem to achieve anything
  9. You feel a burden to others.----True---i am a useless piece of shit
  10. You sometimes feel that life isn't worth living. ----False.......
  11. You can see no future. There is a loss of hope. You feel all you've ever done is make mistakes and that's all that you ever will do.----True, i had made so many mistakes
  12. You feel irritable or angry more than usual.---True
  13. You feel you have no confidence.---True
  14. You spend a lot of time thinking about what has gone wrong, what will go wrong or what is wrong about yourself as a person. You may also feel guilty sometimes about being critical of others (or even thinking critically about them).---True
  15. You feel that life is unfair.---True
  16. You have difficulty sleeping or wake up very early in the morning and can't sleep again. You seem to dream all night long and sometimes have disturbing dreams.--- False, i sleep like a pig

November 13, 2005
so i realise

dun i deserve any better?

i realise i am still like a small kid

i remember the time
November 09, 2005
珊瑚海 - 周杰伦/Lara

男:爱拼命云端开始阴霾 悲伤要怎麼平静重来
花的狠笑是种假的 淹没千千的无奈
女:你用唇语说你要离开 男:情不在
合:他难过无声的留下来 汹涌潮水
一定明白 可是让人湿泪喊
男:转身离开 认真说不出来
合:海鸟跟鱼相爱 只是一场意外
男:我们的爱 争议一直存在
女:给的爱 争议一直存在 回不来
男:永久真爱 竟累积成伤害
合:转身离开 分手说不出来
蔚蓝的珊瑚海 错过瞬间苍白
男:当初彼此 不够成熟坦白
女:你有我的 不够成熟坦白 不应该
男:热情不改 笑容隐藏不来
女:你的笑容勉强不来 合:爱深埋珊瑚海
男:毁坏的沙雕如何重来 有裂痕的爱怎麼重改
只是一切 结束太快 你说你 无法释怀
女:悲歌里隐藏什麼期待 男:等花儿开
女:脸上海风 男:脸上海风
女:咸咸的爱 男:咸咸的爱

i remember the time when you were so anxious about yr A level results
and you have told me repeatedly not to come

but after knowing u did not do very well,
i came immediately

though i do not know why yr tears drop when u see me
and its not because of the poor results
i can still remember u saying that u would not have cry if u didnt see me.

at that time, i do not know why

now i noe why

though i have got tons of reassurance, nothing worse could had happen
i was glad to have your sms

The macdonald outside LIDO is selling milkshake
November 07, 2005

喜欢一个人孤独的时刻 但不能喜欢太多
在地铁站或美术馆 孤独像睡眠一样餵养我
以永无止尽的坠落 需要音乐取暖
喜欢一个人孤独的时刻 但不能喜欢太多

喜欢一个喝著红酒的女孩 在下雨音乐奏起的时候
像一只鸟在最高的地方 歌声嘹亮
喜欢一个喝著红酒的女孩 但不能喜欢太多

喜欢一个阳光照射的角落 但不能喜欢太多
是幼稚园的小朋友 笑声像睡眠一样打扰我
我们轻轻的挥一挥手 凝结照片的伤口
我喜欢一个阳光照射的角落 但不能喜欢太多
喜欢一个人孤独的时刻 但不能喜欢

today was sure a boring day
thanks to my company's good welfare
i had to work THREE FULL Weekends
I have just finished working the 1st sat sun.
today and tomorrow off, monday tuesday off, damn siannnnnnnnn

today was sure a lonely day
i only sleep eat shit today

the past week was a damn sad week
I screw up my work
think going kanna force to resign liao
help people wash jacket
a 199 dollar jacket also washed till colour all faded
my two cats fight for the 1st time, in the end i got blood all over my arm with many long scratches, i think i need to go for cosmetic surgery liao
even yr gf will say something that she is not obligated to go out with me....

the talk about obligation....
so am I obligated to pay for her handphone bills
so am I obligated to pay for her scv bills
so am I obligated to pay for her trips

maybe i am the world stupidest carrot head.....that had been "tok" for near to 6 years

and by the way
The macdonald outside LIDO is selling milkshake

finally, but thats the only outlet selling, will update if i find out more



你看过了许多美景 你看过了许多美女
你迷失在地图上 每一道短暂的光阴
你品尝了夜的的巴黎 你踏过下雪的北京
你熟记书本里 每一句你最爱的真理


你累计了许多飞行 你用心挑选纪念品
你搜集了地图上 每一次的风和日丽
你拥抱热情的岛屿 你埋葬记忆的土耳其


都是你离开的原因 你离开我 就是旅行的意义

November 05, 2005
在傢裏, 在公司, 我縂是喜喜哈哈
在我最需要她的時候, 她又再次令我失望
我的心還真是痛, 痛到有如千万只針在刺
都已經期望了5 年